Common Symptoms of Relapse

(1)   I'll never use again (attitude)

(2)   I've got all the answers (attitude)

(3)   Overconfidence (I'll do it my way)

(4)   Only one solution to the problem-no other alternatives (choices)

(5)   I have no other problems other than alcohol (attitude)

(6)   Avoids talking about problems

(7)   Tries to solve all problems at once

(8)   Over analyzing self

(9)    Overwhelming feelings of depressio

(10)  Oversleeping

(11)   Has difficulty sleeping

(12)  Over works or under works

(13)  Open rejection for help

(14)  Stops going to AA or outpatient

(15)  Too much unstructured time

(16)  Extreme loneliness

(17)  Makes sobriety miserable

(18)  Avoids having fun

(19)  Returns to using buddies and situations

(20)  Magnifies past or future (avoids dealing with the present)

(21)  Why does it always happen to me (attitude)

(22)  Builds resentments

(23)  Blaming others for problems

(24)  Becomes extremely critical of others

(25)  Avoids communication with family and non-drinking friends

(26)  Hoarding money

(27)  Makes a major change before one year of sobriety

(28)  Plans begin to fail

(29)  Anxiety attacks (thinks he or she is going crazy)

(30)  Begins to doubt whether or not suffers from an addiction

(31)  Convinces himself or herself not an addict/alcoholic any more

(32)  Plans on using/drinking

(33)  Starts using/drinking

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